PMG Employment Solutions Logo

PMG Employment Solutions is a full employment service dedicated to finding quality workers for employers. We specialize in providing potential employees for permanent, part time, season and temporary positions with manufactures, service industries, construction and agriculture.

We believe our success is based on our total commitment to three principals:

·  Our commitment to identifying exactly what an employer is seeking in an employee as it relates to job description, skills, experience, attitude and the opportunities they can provide a potential employee.

· Our commitment to identifying exactly what a potential employee is seeking in their search for employment and verifying their skills, experience, personal goals, work ethic and attitude before ever recommending them.

· Our commitment to recognizing we have an obligation to helping our communities through our work. Whether it is improving the community’s economic well-being through helping businesses be more successful, providing employment opportunities for individuals residing within a community, supporting schools in their preparation of students for the workforce or helping at risk people find gainful employment, we have a responsibility to make things better.